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Pearl Insurance developed one of the first truly successful professional liability programs in 1954. Since our beginnings, our team has continually evolved our coverage options to ensure your unique needs are being met. Let Pearl Insurance protect you. We are confident we have the right coverage for you. See for yourself!

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  Accountants Professional Liability Insurance

You're More Than Just A Number

Pearl Insurance is confident we have the best Accountant’s Professional Liability Insurance Program on the market, offering coverage that is just as affordable as it is necessary. Let us help you protect your firm from the staggering loss of time and hard-earned money that a lawsuit can cause, not to mention the damage it does to your reputation.

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  Engineers Professional Liability Insurance

Protect Yourself And Your Firm

Even the most thorough civil engineers could be subjected to a lawsuit—merited or not. If this should happen to you, you’d want a quality, comprehensive professional liability policy in place to help defend you against and share in the monetary risks of a claim. That’s why ASCE has partnered with Pearl Insurance—to help protect you against negligent acts, errors, and omissions. With our Engineers Professional Liability Insurance, you’ll have access to competitive rates for a plan that is tailored to your unique needs.

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  Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

You Work Hard To Represent Your Clients, Let Us Look Out For You

Pearl Insurance is ranked among the top direct-marketing third-party administrators in the United States. We have been committed to providing quality Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance for 60 years. Our dedication to serving our clients is our top priority, with thousands of law firm policies in place and strong client relationships. Our team regularly evaluates our insurance plans, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve as an industry leader with coverage that is responsive to your needs.

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  Medical Professional Liability Insurance

You Take Care Of Others, Let Us Protect You

Work with the industry’s most dedicated team for quality Medical Professional Liability Insurance. The Pearl Insurance program includes enhanced government regulatory audit protection that is designed to shield you from costly legal expenses, fines, and penalties. Our team also holds contracts with the most predominant insurance carriers in the insurance industry and offers coverage for numerous professions. We have the experience and resources necessary to meet your coverage needs.

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  Meteorologist Professional Liability Insurance

Protect Your Reputation

Every day, you strive to keep others safe from severe weather. Like dangerous storms, lawsuits can cause serious damage. Let us help protect your professional reputation and livelihood with Meteorologist Professional Liability Insurance.

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  Real Estate Professional Liability Insurance

Robust. Affordable. Reliable.

Pearl Insurance’s Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance is a perfect fit to protect you against the inevitable risk you experience with your profession. This insurance is designed to cover a firm and its agents regarding acts, errors, and omissions made while providing real estate services on behalf of clients. Our program, Underwritten by XL Group, is sponsored by over 20 national, state, and local real estate associations, and provides state-of-the-art risk management tools and services to help reduce your potential liabilities.

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